Chris Barbara Development specializes in a method of construction called design-build, where the planning and design phase is handled by the company who also does the building. The more traditional method involves one company handling the planning and design, then there is a bidding process where construction companies give estimates for the job. Having one company handle the entire job minimizes the risk of a miscommunication type scenario. Those who do the planning are much more capable of handling the building process because they are more familiar with the job. Chris Barbara Development is equipped to handle any project from start to finish which makes life far easier on the owner.

Here are some of the benefits of design-build construction:

  • Project is completed quickly and with less people involved
  • Miscommunication is diminished
  • Costs and budgets are easier to control
  • Improved planning keeps the project moving forward
  • Accountability is placed on a single entity
  • Less oversight required from the owner’s standpoint